We're back! For our return (Season 2??) we dive into The Taxpayers "God, Forgive These Bastards - Songs from the Forgotten Life of Henry Turner."  This brilliant album is part folk, part punk, part blues part...well, all brilliance.  If you don't know the Taxpayers, you should, and I bet you'll be a fan after this.  We hope you like it, and we hope to be back around more often!

This week we dive into what we like to think of as the Platonic Ideal of Pavement records, Watery Domestic.  We also cover the three 'Watery Sessions' songs Sue Me Jack, So Stark (You're a Skyscraper) and Greenlander.  These are timeless songs, and worthy of a deep dive.  We hope you fall in love with them again, just like we did.

This week we tackle (or are tackled by) the ultra-dense genre-destroying masterpiece Book of Horizons by Secret Chiefs 3.  There is no way we could ever do this justice in a podcast, but we tried our best.  We also got colds half way through, probably as punishment from the gods for trying to take on this album.


In this episode, we veer away from obscurity to cover a true classic:  Beck's Odelay!  This album goes way back for both Dad and Son, and unless you've been living under a rock, chances are it will stir some memories for you too.  Also, our recording quality takes a quantum leap, thank goodness.


In this episode we dive into 0+2=1, a 1991 album by brilliant Canadian hardcore trio NoMeansNo.  A criminally under recognized band, NoMeansNo defy easy categorization, and are well worth getting to know.  Dad gets a little too excited in this episode, while son does his best to keep him grounded.

In our inaugural episode, we tackle one of indie music's most seminal masterpieces, Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted.  Learn how two generations of music geeks have converged on this masterpiece of an album as we struggle to find our footing in our first foray into podcasting!


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